NLG Governance Hub

Mulberry School for Girls (London City Alliance) has been designated as a Governance Hub.  This means we are responsible for coordinating system leaders to support governance across the East of England.  We liaise with other Teaching School Alliances and the local authority to ensure that our Governance resources are best utilised across the region.

We have a number of National Leaders of Governance (NLGs) affiliated to our Hub. Click on the name below to link to their pen portraits.

Andrew Bethell

Jill Cochrane

Gillian Barker

NLGs can support schools and their governing bodies to improve effective governance practices through a range of support options.  These include coaching and mentoring of the chair and the governing body or providing at in-depth External Review of Governance.  NLGs can also be deployed in a crisis to support a governing body through a challenging period.

To find out more about the NLGs in our region please visit:

To find out more about the work of NLGs in the East of England and North East London region (EENEL), please visit the website for more information.