Head of Faculty: Ms T. Sharma

Aims of the Science Faculty

  • To inspire a love of science and develop an attitude of wonder about the world we live in.
  • To enable pupils to understand how science works and to participate in scientific activities.
  • To develop pupils’ scientific literacy so they are confident and creative participants in scientific discussion.
  • To provide flexible, context-driven programmes of learning: science for all and science for scientists.
  • To develop pupils’ knowledge about the opportunities available to them and their aspiration for further participation in science.
  • To encourage teamwork and promote staff development.


Science accommodation consists of eleven laboratories, a preparation room and two greenhouses on the first floor. We are very well-resourced for practical activities and offer a curriculum which is substantially based in experimental science.

Key Stage 3 Introduction

The Faculty runs an in-house programme of study. We are currently moving to increased use of Exploring Science as we implement the new KS3 curriculum.
Some pupils follow a fast-track programme, completing KS3 in two years.

Key Stage 4 Introduction

Pupils study twenty-first century science double or triple award. The double award includes a choice of Core and Additional Science or Core and Additional Applied Science. The triple award consists of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Key Stage 5 Introduction

We offer Level 3 courses as follows:
Biology – Salters Nuffield Advanced (Edexcel)
Chemistry - Salters Advanced (Edexcel)
Physics – Salters Nuffield Advanced (Edexcel)

Special Features

Each year up to sixty students participate in the BA CREST awards which develop and celebrate creativity in science, engineering and technology.

We have strong links with the Centre of the Cell at every key stage. This provides an excellent resource for students interested in biological and medical careers.

We were Rolls-Royce Science Prize runners-up in 2007 for our cross-curricular Universe Gallery project.

FE students act as Science Mentors in KS3 and KS4 lessons, providing valuable support to pupils and their teachers.

National Science Week is celebrated in March each year with many activities, visitors and special lessons. FE students lead these events.

Each year physics students in KS4 and KS5 visit CERN in Switzerland to see cutting edge physics in action.

We are a pilot school for the London Engineering Project.