Religious Studies

Acting Head of Faculty: Ms K. Mezger

Aims of the Religious Studies Department

Religious Studies at Mulberry follows a multi-faith approach. That means you will learn about the idea of religion by studying the six major faiths found in the United Kingdom: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.


We want to make you think about your own beliefs and also about the beliefs of other people. That is why there are two main targets in Religious Studies:
• Learning about religion.
• Learning from religion.

Key Stage 3 Introduction

In Key Stage 3, you will follow units on all the six major faiths of the world and study Islam and Christianity in more depth. The local area is rich in resources with all places of worship within easy reach.

Key Stage 4 Introduction

The Religious Studies Department uses the Edexcel examination board. Students opt for either a Short Course or a Full Course. In both cases they study both Christianity and Islam.

Special Features

In each year of the course, you will be involved in an educational visit. In Year 7, this is a walk around the local area. In Year 8 you will visit Canterbury in Kent including the Cathedral and in Year 9 you visit a mosque and a mandir.