Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Faculty: Mr P. Whibley

Aims of the Modern Languages Faculty

• To enable pupils to communicate effectively in real-life situations.
• To encourage a creative use of the target language by developing an understanding and mastery of the structures involved.
• To engage the interest of all pupils and to provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.
• To offer insights and access to the culture concerned.
• To form a base of skills, attitudes and language required for further study.
• To enable pupils to compete advantageously in the world of work.


There are seven specialist rooms each equipped with an interactive whiteboard and wi-fi. Two of the rooms also have fifteen computers for pupils.

Key Stage 3

All pupils study French in Year 7 and Year 8, with either Spanish or Bengali (a preference can be made, though not always accommodated). 

Key Stage 4

All pupils continue with one language to GCSE. From September 2012 a selected group will be offered the opportunity of preparing for two Modern Foreign Language GCSEs from Year 9. All GCSEs are currently following the AQA syllabus.

Special Features

French is currently offered as an AS and A2 subject. With the return of compulsory language GCSEs for almost all Mulberry pupils we are preparing to offer Spanish and Bengali AS within the next two years.

Annual trips to Paris and Barcelona are arranged for the enrichment of pupils’ language experiences.