Head of faculty: Ms H. Gregory

Aims of the Maths Department

The aims of the Maths Department are:

1) To provide opportunities for students to become confident with numeracy in every day life.

2) To teach students to use logic and encourage them to enjoy problem solving.  

We teach a balance of Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics work, with Active Learning and Assessment for Learning at the heart of all our lessons.

Key Stage 3 Introduction

Year 7 students begin in mixed ability classes where they are taught a range of skills to develop numeracy, logic problem solving and process skills. After the first half term they are regrouped with accelerated and further support groups created to ensure all students make good progress. There are opportunities for students to move between these groups throughout key stage 3. Students are assessed through various methods that include teacher assessments, assessed work and terminal exams. Our curriculum aims for all students to make two levels of progress over Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4 Introduction

We aim to personalise learning at Key Stage 4.  We have smaller groups and students are entered for their GCSE when they are ready.  The majority of students will be given more than one opportunity to sit their GCSE in Mathematics with the idea of improving on their previous grade. A selection of pupils will be given the opportunity to study for additional or other qualifications. Some student will work towards sitting the Additional Mathematics Exam or IGCSE and others might work towards an entry level qualification instead. We aim to support students to achieve to the best of their ability by encouraging independence. We subscribe to and ensure Maths Watch CDs and revision workbooks are available for purchase.

Key Stage 5 Introduction

At Mulberry we provide a wide range of courses for post sixteen students. These courses consist of:

  • Entry level 1 to 3 Maths
  • Functional skills level 1 and 2 Maths
  • AS and A2 Maths
  • AS and A2 Further Maths

The majority of our students enrol on to the AS/A2 Maths and Further Maths courses. We use the Edexcel examining board for these courses as it provides a seamless transition between GCSE and A level Maths. The minimum grade requirement for the AS Maths course is a grade B at GCSE Maths and an A/A* grade for the AS Further Maths course.

At Mulberry we recognise that some students find the jump from GCSE to AS Maths difficult and so provide a huge amount of support for our students. This includes head start classes, after school workshops and Saturday intervention classes. To promote independent learning in our students they are required to work from interactive websites such as, and MEI resources.

Special Features

Student learning is enriched through a personalised nationalised curriculum. We utilise many ICT facilities that offer engaging lessons, from students creating fractal algorithms to completing homework over the internet using and Mulberry participates in the national competition, the UK Maths Challenge, where in the past we have won Gold awards. We are supported through a mentor programme that we have developed with the London Metropolitan University where university students volunteer their time to work with classes. Finally Mulberry also support students to gain a Grade C at GCSE by taking a weekend revision trip every year.