Travel and Tourism

Director of Applied Learning and Head of Faculty: Ms B. Richards

Aims of the Travel and Tourism Department

  • To develop an understanding and knowledge of the different sectors within travel and tourism.
  • To empathise with different customer groups in terms of destinations and expectations.
  • To develop skills and expertise which can be applied to the travel industry and higher education.
  • To develop confidence and planning to meet deadlines.


The department is well resourced in terms of rooms and ICT facilities.  Staff are well qualified and experienced.

Key Stage 5

AQA Applied A level in Travel and Tourism – single award.  There are six units of study; two are assessed via an exam and four by assignment.

Special Features

The course includes links with the Drama department for role play and local travel tourism providers such as City Airport and the Radisson Hotel.
Visits in Year 12 to Dublin and in Year 13 to Barcelona provide a solid basis for the students to experience first hand the planning of a trip and  contrasting destinations.  Both trips support students exam and assignment work.